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VoIP Billing Information for Industry

Adore is the leading progressive and integrator of high quality VoIP solution provider that takes attentiveness of your Billing needs and allows you to meditate on success of your business.

Our objective is development and provisioning of high-performance VoIP solutions and Billing software for small, medium and large telecom businesses. We focus on entering into a strong and long-standing business relationships with new and existing companies on the telecommunication market . Adore is a fully featured and malleable VoIP Billing system and termination platform which can provide one of the intense and rock-bottom cost entries to billing VoIP Customers that lie around in the market nowadays.

Adore VoIP Billing product universally accepted by our customers as the centerpiece of their VoIP platforms. We take pretension in our work and we make every endeavor to ascertain that our clients are not only acquiescent but immersed with our billing software.

Adore VoIP billing features :

1: Account and user management : Using account & management we can manage our customers & agent account like recharge ,batch management, Account detail, Sip device add/delete and may other activities.

2: Rate Management : Rate management is used to manage termination/origination rates, Expiry of rates , rates of group & important rates sheet.

3:Lcr & gateway management : It’s use for managing multiple provider & gateway support. Adding multiple sip providers ,call limitation per trunk & limitaion channels by each provider.

4: Billing Report & invocie management : Billing & invoice management report is used to manage CDR(Admin, Sub- Admin,sub-reseller & provider), Live call Report, Invoice generation, ASR & ACD.

5:Web interface : It’s used for multi language support, real time customized billing inteface , menu & buttons.

6:calling features: We are provide calling features through (VoIP Wholesale , calling card, PC-phone, device-phone,phone-phone, mobile VoIP).

7: DID management : We can manage DID using this management.

8:IVR Management : It’s Responsible for IVR Prompts (Balance ,destination, credit time). Customize IVR in multi language.


Best and cheap Soft switch

Adore grace of business-class switching solutions is perfect for Small- and Medium-sized Businesses or multi-site avocation networks. Our extrication address today’s highest networking dominance for upgrading to Voice over IP (VoIP).

Adore Softswitch is a middlemost device in a telephone network which connects calls from one phone line to another, entirely by means of software running on a computer system. This work was formerly carried out by hardware, with physical switchboards to route the calls. A Softswitch is typically used to control connections at a junction point between circuit and packet networks. A single device containing both the switching logic and the switching fabric can be used for this purpose; however, modern technology has led to a preference for decomposing this device into a Call Agent and a Media Gateway.

Adore switch Software, is a leading developer of carrier grade softswitch technology for next generation Internet Telephony (VoIP) providers. it’s a software platform for telecommunication service providers, wholesale carriers, ISP, MVNO, and NGN operators to unify voice and data traffic within a single converged network.


Adore softswitch features :

1:Account and user management
2:Rate Management
3:Lcr & gateway management
4:Billing Report & invocie management
5:Web interface
6:calling features
7: DID management
8:IVR Management
9:Redundant Architecture