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Calling works exactly as a calling card to India: great quality, minute rounding.

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Smart Way to Call-Softphone

Your wait for an economic approach to utilize the Voice over Internet Protocol whilst enjoying complete functionality of an ultramodern phone finally ends here with Softphone. Over the years, the substantial deployment of GPRS/3g/4g/Wi-Fi systems and innovative technology has made VoIP highly popular in the market. Softphone is a software program with which your clients can make telephone calls over the Internet using a general purpose computer, rather than using dedicated hardware. It delivers a premium VoIP call service merged with classic prepaid calling card, by card or PIN functionality so that you can simply command your expenses of Global and India calling. This VoIP call application has been specifically developed for making all our worldwide calling needs, including India. This software leverages on latest call routing technology to deliver unbelievable call rates alongside premium peculiarities such as Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Packet hiding, Packet Lost Concealment (PLC) and Comfort Noise Generator (CNG). With Softphone you can have a premium calling experience with perfectly clear sound quality and utmost comfort. Moreover, to guarantee ideal security against any hacking or another cyber crime, Softphone accompanies complete NAT/Firewall security, STUN server help and complete specialized back up Adore’s specialized staff.softphone for mac

Softphone accompanies an extensive variety of peculiarities, for example, you can record calls, phone calls, redial, speed dial and even exchange calls. The graphical client interface accompanies bespoke skin alternatives and numerous options to choose from.Additionally smart features such as call clock, redial, one touch call, address/ contact book, Microphone volume control and Speaker volume control makes calling with Softphone or mobile Dialer an enchanting experience.

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This product is a perfect answer for the individuals who are looking to offer VoIP solutions to clients. You get unlimited number of licenses, each one of which can be branded with your organization’s marking/logo/name. With it your clients can render cheap VoIP calling solutions with innovative features and superb connectivity over SIP servers. The natural interface accompanies altered skin and client administration characteristics. In view of most recent V 3.0.0 innovation, this product conveys a few client choices and functionality. Some value specifying gimmicks are:

  • Call Recording
  • Call Conference
  • Call Transfer
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Hold/ Unhold
  • Redial
  • Auto call answer
  • Silence Suppression
  • Echo Cancellation
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation
  • Packet hiding
  • Packet Lost Concealment
  • Comfort Noise Generator
  • Address Book
  • Micro Phone Volume Control

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With this solution, you can browse Codec choice and Codec Quality Control (Bandwidth control) as per your requirement. The services offered are backed by 24X7 call routing and live support seven days a week to ensure that our customers get world-class and hassle free calling experience. You can get to this product over an extensive variety of web empowered gadgets such as iPhone, Android Phone, Blackberry and Window based phones. Besides you can also send free messages to family far and wide with Instant Messaging facility.

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Stay connected to family from everywhere.

Tech Savvy Indian travellers prefer to stay connected to their friends, and family back in their homeland. Almost 42 % prefer to sue social networks to stay connected, and the rest prefer to call directly on mobile phones.


Global survey conducted by a travel agency reveals that from a group of 1000 Indian travellers, almost 65 % prefer to talk rather than communicating over social networking websites. They prefer to have real time human contact rather than leaving messages on social profiles. 1 % of the group preferred to have no contact with their social circles when they are on a holiday tour.


International call rates have been an issue for such people who have been travelling on a limited budget. There are those whose living depends on travelling around the world itself. Such business professionals are the kind of people who are looking for new opportunities in untapped markets.


Bidirectional International Call Service –They need to have a connection that can be used to create conference calls with their business partners around the world. An affordable connection can give such people the opportunity to stay connected for long duration of time. This is the main reason that services like Telcan have come to the rescue. This is a bidirectional call service that can be accessed through a downloadable VoIP App on their i Phones, iPad, and Android phones. This is a powerful system that gives affordable call rates to their customers. Telcan call rate is as low as 0.11 cent a minute that can be used to make a calls to India.


Easy Pin-less calls – This is a pin-less call service that eliminates a core security issue. In the past, people have to change their pin number constantly so that their account is not misused by anyone. Hence, this is an additional feature that makes things much easier for the user.International numbers can be kept on speed dial to make calls instantly any time of the day. Users can make international conference calls without worrying about their budget at the end of the month.

VoIP Softswitch

Connect With Skype – Another amazing benefit of this VoIP phone system is connecting with Skype. Use the amazing benefit of the call rates through this system, and merge it with the call list and it is much cheaper than Skype out Service. This is a great way to have access to a lower priced call service.


Recharge system –

  • Auto- recharge ­– Benefit from the auto-recharge system that will keep you connected at all times.
  • Manual recharge – Have complete control over your spending through manual recharge system.

When you need a powerful international call service that is light on the pocket, then this is the service for you.

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How to make a calls from USA or worldwide by using softphone, mobile dialer.

When you want to make a calls to India or  the people staying India, what is the first thing that strikes into your mind? The answer would be the ‘call charges’. call-indiaWell! Gone are those days when getting in touch with the dear ones used to be expensive. The selection process might seem simple and easy. However, here is the catch. You have to cautious, as several hidden charges are attached in the billing if you do not inquiry. Here are some important information provided related to the charges.

Therefore, for making the first call, users do not have think twice or look at the wallet for the balance. All the emotional barrier occurred due to the charges have been removed and eradicated from the calls, especially due to the international calling cards. So, when you people buy a calling card package they have to confirm a number for the important factors.

Mobile Dialer or VoIP dialer– You can get plenty of Free Mobile Dialer software which can be use for making a call from a mobile device but before installing suchadore-mobile-dialer Mobile Dialer Software on a mobile one must has to be aware that whether it is compatible with the operating system of the preferred mobile device. Mobile Dialers are made for a particular mobile OS. So one must have to see the specification of a Mobile Dialer to ensure if it supports the particular mobile phone OS or not.


VoIP Softphone is meant for lucrative revenue generation at a relatively low investment. It makes VoIP calls to different countries around the world using SIP servers for cheap calling. softphone2With new V 3.0.0 technology, you can now access several user options and special functionality. It also allows the user to record calls, make conference calls, redial, speed dial and even transfer calls easily.