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Cheap Calling Cards for Students

The Global Destination for Higher Education

Exotic, extravagant and elegant are some of the phrases that very well describe India and its diverse culture. Thousands of travelers every year flock to major cities in India to explore its beauty, diverse community and colorful cultural tradition. People also choose to come here attracted by the opportunities it offers to students in the field of higher education and the lucrative career options. In the domain of higher education, India is the third largest country in the world boasting around 20,000 colleges, 42 central universities, 275 state universities and 130 deemed universities. Hence, students from across the globe find it a significant hub to continue their studies as per their area of interest. Some globally acclaimed institutes like Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), National Institute of Technology (NITs) and International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT-H) attract huge number of students every year, turning into a major education hub for students from countries like the US, UK, Canada, South Korea and Japan. Owing to the high standard of education and low cost of living in India, students from across the world choose to study here. This has caused an unprecedented rise in calls made to India from abroad and vice-versa as staying away from friends and family is quite difficult. So the first thing you need to do this to look for the best direct dialing, Lowest calling rates to India, and VOIP services like Skype or Vonage that will help you stay connected with family on regular basis at low rates

lowest calling rates to India

Where to Search?

Foreign students can find all the information about Indian institutes from various portals and websites and can plan their academic journey accordingly before visiting here. Apply for student’s visa, applying for admission and other paperwork that you need, should be completed properly that will help you adjust to university and life in India.  Once you have decided to enroll in a particular course, look for the scholarship schemes that will fund your studies here. They can also search for various lowest calling rates to India online.


Students can enjoy lower rates of calling and don’t have to cut down their budget on other expenses to stay in touch with their loved ones. Since various lowest calling rates to India plans are available, one needs to figure out which one would suit them best. Surely you can save money by opting for a calling plan or you or if you want to send a quick update use free message services. Now long distance is no more a barrier between you and your loved ones with these services. Stay connected with your friends and family while pursuing your higher studies in India in order to achieve your career goals.

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Unified communication system, A complete Business Solution.

Unified Communication System


Unified Communication System is complete business communication at one platform, it has a most advanced and reliable business communication system which is developed to enhance productivity through integrated communication experience of voice, video and instant messaging which is enriched with robust and carrier-grade features which offers richer used experience blended with corporate level efficiency for connecting various communication technologies at one platform.

The Unified Communication System provides the good quality of audio communication through PC or mobile and video conferencing experience along with instant messaging server and softswitch, it is based on advanced technological architecture, the Unified Communication System has been designed to provide the efficient collaborated business for the communication platform for small and big companies to manage various business models quality expertly and consistently. These systems are compositely formed from sip server, sip proxy, media server, voice services, IVR and conferencing. It also includes VoIP billing, web…

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Make Cheapest Calls to USA

As India continues to become more lucrative and celebrated destination for people around the world. Many come here to pursue higher education in one of the top notch institutes such as IIMs, FMS, SRCC, NITs, IIMC and many more in different subjects and streams. Similarly, exotic locations, picturesque landscapes and natural marvels bring millions of discerning tourists around the world to the shores of India- the abode of gods and civilizations. USA in particular has been utilizing Indian economy and resources by outsourcing business especially of the IT & ITES sector. With this an unprecedented surge to call India from all over the world and vice versa has taken place. To tap this huge potential market, many service providers are offering cards and solutions for Calling card to India from USAcheap softphone

 Leveraging the opportunity to fullest

This situation has opened up lucrative avenues for the Indian telecom companies. It must be noted that Indian telecom companies operate on one-tenth of the average revenue per user when compared with that of developed nations. With innovative solutions and relentless research work, Indian telecom companies have managed to make huge profits whilst operating on very thin margins.Leveraging on latest repetitive call routing technology, the service providers in India and USA are able to deliver an unbelievable pulse rate of less than $0.011 per minute. In addition, prompt distribution channel and integrated network provides a clutter breaking edge to the telecom operators in India. All of this has worked to the benefit of end-customer. With these cards you can now avail Calling card to India from USA like never before. Now making a call to India from any foreign location no more means burning a hole down ones call

The future

No doubt, VoIP is the future and soon will take over the world of telecommunication. The calling cards, worth mentioning by Telcan, are laced with innovative features such as speed dial, smart dial, call swap, hold call and call conferencing as well. In addition, you can also send free SMS to India with these cards. The user is provided with an access number which once authenticated can dialed to connect to his/ her desired destination. Such amazing tariffs to call to India have resulted in huge demand along with usage of international calling cards, thereby, once again giving a boost to the profits of Indian telecom companies.

So if you are living in India or USA and are looking for Telcan Calling card to India from USA, these calling cards are just what you need. Being bi-directional in nature, you can call to or from India using a single card. So next time, try these cards and make almost free calls.


How to choose a perfect calling card?


call-indiaLooking for a Telcan cheapest way to call India from USA to your friends, family or colleagues? Are you fed up with escalating international call rates? Well, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has transcended the pricing boundaries to allow you make almost free calls to anywhere in the world. Today markets are flooded with several cheapest calling cards to India claiming being the best and cheapest way to make international calls around the world. So it is best advised to be extra careful while choosing a card. There are many things one must know. Here are few things you should ponder over before opting for an international calling card.

Points to Ponder

When choosing for a calling card, always opt for a prepaid calling card. The sole reason being that these cards are highly competitive and have no maintenance fees as such. These cards are readily available in the market, retail stores and online. You can easily sign up for a card online and even request refills in case the balance is exhausted. Seek cheap calling cards to India that offer the best rates in the market. Subsequently check out the rates and schemes offered on the card as service providers offer different calling rates to call on mobile and landline phone. You should also check the billing i.e. per-second billing, incremental billing or of tiered minute schemes so that you do not end up paying extra money. It is best advised to opt for per-second billing where you have to pay for used talk time only.

Check for Hidden Fees

calling card to indiaDo investigate the calling card for maintenance fee or any other hidden charges associated with the card. It is a common practice among Indian service providers to levy a hefty maintenance fee to make up for the discounted call rates. Always read all terms and conditions associated with the card and opt for a card that doesn’t have any maintenance fee or other charges. Also check whether the calling card is providing local access numbers or not. If you want to call India from USA, your calling card would provide you with local numbers in USA on which you can make free local calls to get connected to India. If you can get hands on bi-directional calling card then you would be able to call to and from India using a single card. Similarly, check for the card which can work with a pay phone as well. On several occasions especially when you are travelling this facility allows you to make call using pay phones on streets, malls, airports and other public places. There are several cheap calling cards to India that come with auto recharge facility which means you never run out of balance.