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Telcan calling rate to India form USA.

Telcan brings to you the cheapest call rates to make international calls in more than 200 countries worldwide. Leveraging on the latest redundant call routing and our strong call routing in all A-Z routes, the coveted service provider is able to deliver an astonishing call rates as low as $0.011 per minute. This means that for a mere $2 you get a talk time of more than 182 minutes and for $20 you can talk with your loved ones for around 2000 minutes. In addition, free SMS facility ensures you stay connected on the go. All call rates are based on one minute billing increment which is comparatively less than three minute incremental rounding practice prevailing in the industry.

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Telcan unlike other service providers has a very transparent business and pricing policy for there is no connection fee, activation fee or any hidden maintenance charges. The rates are only applied on the calls made using the access numbers provided by Telcan. Despite such low call rates the call quality and sound clarity is superb to let you stay connected with your loved ones, friend and colleagues without compromising a bit on quality.

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Smart features and functionality makes calling with Telcan calling cards easy and enthralling live never before. PIN free dialing, one touch dialing and speed dialing makes calling process lot faster and simpler. With these cards you need not to worry about running out of balance ever as they come with auto recharge facility. Furthermore, you can recharge the cards either manually or online. 24X7 instant live support via chat, email and SMS ensures all your queries are resolved by a proficient staff deployed at U.S and India offices at earliest. You can check entire call history online by logging into your Telcan account. No other pre-paid calling service provider offers such premium quality offerings at such cheap rates. No doubt its offering are acclaimed as the most admired, Multi-Feature, Prepaid Calling cards in the entire telecom and VoIP industry.

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