Call India from USA,UK,Canada at the best rates. offers cheap calls to India for all Indians who live abroad. Make international calls to India from any phone at the same low rates.

Calling works exactly as a calling card to India: great quality, minute rounding.

About calling company

In this era of global economy many people are working away from home. For the business people especially from Asia, calling home is an expensive affair. If they are making calls from pay phones or standard phones, it could cost them a fortune. Thanks to new set of provision by TRAI and VOIP service providers, calling cards to India and other Asian destinations has become relatively cheaper as compared to normal ISD plans.

Service Provides

Today, several international calling card service providers galore in the market but selecting the best one won’t be easy task. To help you with the same, we are providing you with some eminent players in the domain of offering calling cards to India. You can choose among the listed ones as per your requirement.

Telcan : provides premium India Calling Card and Pre-Paid India Calling PIN Services for Indians living in the U.S., Canada and even India. We also service Indian Business Travelers requiring a reliable, low cost India card service to connect to their business or family in India.

Keep Calling: This service provider is widely acknowledged for its affordable calling rates and customer centric approach. Over the years they have gained a strong foothold in the market owing to its highly competitive rates. The line quality offered by them is best in the industry. Their cards can fit into all network devices. Keep Calling offers prompt customer service 24×7 and have even refunded money to the clients in case if overcharging.

Penny Talk: This service provider has the reputation of never charging anything additional connection fees. Their rates are quite reasonable and the connection is fast and clear. In addition, there are no wi-fi restrictions in the calling service provided by them. The cards offered by Penny Talk can adjust into all networks and all kind of platforms including android, iPhone and others. Their customer support is commendable and client centric. Penny Talks allows you to make calls in more than 200 countries.

Rebtel: Acclaimed all over the world for its innovative approach and customer centric business philosophy, Rebtel offers the best value added features in international calling cards market. It offer lowest calling rates and is considered most reliable to make long route calls. The network is strong and clear. However, its calling service is restricted to just 50 countries.

Comfi: This online retailer and service provider of international calling cards to India guarantees 98% saving on all long distance international calls. It also allows the customer to realize huge savings on domestic calls throughout USA. Being completely online, one can get his card recharged or renewed on the go. The connections offered by this service provider are stable, clear and without any interruptions.

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