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Mobile Dialer for SIP based VoIP calling.

VoIP is gradually becoming the widely used of communication all around the globe. First it was through PC to PC when using VoIP people used to call their family and friends via PC to PC from all corners of world. Until recently came the smart phone revolution. High-tech mobile phones now allow the user to call on other mobile phones using the Voice over Internet Protocol technology. There are many software that allow you to make calls mobile to mobile via Internet. However, none is as comprehensive and easy to use like the Mobile Dialer MAC-pc-Softphone. This software allows you to make VoIP calls using any mobile phone, be it Windows Phone 8, Android or iOS based phone.

For different operating system, specifically designed mobile dialers are here. The reason for developing a specific dialer is nothing but to ensure optimum compatibility, smooth functionality and seamless user experience. The popular mobile operating systems for Mobile Dialer are Android, iPhone and Windows Phone 8. These OS are used in major brands of mobile phones of the world. Just select the right dialer and install it on your phone through internet connection be it 3G, WiFi, GPRS or Hot Spots or USB. You can even download the dialer on a PC and then transfer it to the mobile and install the downloaded file.

The Licensed Version of Mobile Dialer comes with several premium features alongside the basic ones. The licensed version allows you to brand the dialer using your company’s logo or company’s name over the interface of this application to make it look like a personalized application of your company. It also allows the user to customize the Graphical User Interface (GUI) as per his/her usage preferences. You can even integrate a calling card with the dialer and use both Mobile VoIP as well as Calling Card dialing from a single mobile app. PIN less calling facility saves you from any hassle of remembering the access number, PIN number and destination number. You can just dial it with one touch on the app. Moreover, it automatically integrates with the address book of your phone. With a licensed version you can avail the flexibility to have unlimited user license.



How do Craterzone manage to make dedicated team model?

Hiring the development team means to hire the team from the sources that can helps and give better solutions than the in- house employees. One such name is Craterzone, which has emerged as a solution to the augmenting needs of the business world that has a keen dependence on the IT based solutions. Information Technology has changed the scenario of society to such an extent that mobility applications have become dependence to the visitors for every small and big they do, from their households to the major business statistics.craterzone-logo

Craterzone is an IT based staffing organization that concentrates to provide an outsourcing team that gives deliverable better than your remove department. These hiring maintains a long term relationships and are an important factor for staff retention, this serves to be a best model in terms of cost and time for research work and software enhancements. With the increase in the proportion of offshore development in the world, the need to hire development team has become more complex as to meet the relevant skills and search out people from the exact talent pool is not merely a minute task.

How do Craterzone manage to make dedicated team model?

Development team resources are managed as per the task; there may be short term projects or full time workload for project roles. Craterzone manages the management flexibility as it help the customer to elaborate and prioritize the schedule and then concentrates on the deadlines and objectives that can maximize the outsourcing development team’s performance and lowers the in-house efforts and expenses.

We start with small team size and then gradually increase it as per the performance rate and management capabilities. Your organization can hire mobile app developer; windows phone developers, blackberry app developer and dedicated outsourcing team.

Need to hire a Development Team

  • It reduces the documentation and training formalities.

  • It builds a knowledge base for others in custom software developmenthire-dedicated-developers.

  • It maximizes loyalty, devotion, and motivation of the staff.

  • It increases initiatives, performances and service quality.

  • Maintains retention and long term cooperation.

  • Teams are highly stuck to professional standards.

  • Estimation cost is always low.

  • Maintains commercial confidentiality.

  • Strict adherence to the contract.

Craterzone manages to give the replacement well on time of the ranks that are being left due to any personal or official reasons, we also transfers source code, confidential data and documentation authorization to the organization to maintain the secrecy and effective functioning.

Is your organization looking for a timely completion of your development projects? If yes, Craterzone is the right destination to serve your needs, hire dedicated developers in various fields as mobile app developer, blackberry app developer, windows phone developers, dedicated outsourcing team for your long term and long term projects.